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These terms and conditions have been made to ensure that you, the customer, understand the way in which I operate, and are designed to ensure that the whole process is made as easy as possible. Maurice Watts Furniture Maker will be referred to as MWFM
No 1: - MWFM reserves the right to alter specification and prices without prior warning.
2 Payment terms: - Upon signing an order form, MWFM requires a deposit of 60% of the total cost. Once a deposit has been received, I will then treat that the order and the delivery date is firm. An order cannot be placed without a deposit being accepted and by securing your order with a deposit it is deemed that you agree to these terms and conditions of the contract. 2nd payment is payable upon delivery and a payment of 30% of the total will be paid. A final 10% payment is then paid once the kitchen / Bedroom or other furniture has been installed. These percentage payments can be altered to suit MWFM. If within two weeks of the agreed delivery date the customer alters the fit date, the original payment schedule must be adhered to.  If a customer does not make a payment upon time, then MWFM can ASK for the full amount to be paid before completing the works and if not paid can leave the works outstanding. In this case the last payment on the contract will not be made by the customer. GRP doors are paid in full at time of ordering.
3 Payment Method: - I accept cash, cheques, bank transfer also credit & debit cards via my web site www.mwfm.co.uk I will set up a payment in the shop under customers order for you to pay there. If paying by credit cards on any payments will attract a processing fee of 2.5% of those payments.
4 Payments if works are stopped by the customer while being installed. - If the works are stopped by the customer and is not the fault of MWFM and the works are over 80% installed 90% of the last payment is payable at the point of the works being stopped. The final 25% will be payable after the completion of the works. A 2% charge on any outstanding balance will be added to the outstanding amount per calendar month.  This term can be back dated to the time the works was stopped by the customer if no payments are received.
5 Title:  - All goods supplied remain the property of MWFM until MWFM has received full payment.
6 Change in Design: - Any changes made that alter the overall cost of the kitchen / bedroom or furniture must be paid for in accordance with our payment terms above. Any changes to the agreed plans must be made in writing and in good time and will become a variation to order or VTO. Please Note: Change to specification when any item/s has been purchased by MWFM will incur a 26% restocking fee by my suppliers. A VTO contract is not part of the original contract and therefore is only a price which is signed for. It will only be done if time scales allow it and MWFM can decline to do this work even if it has been agreed upon, as it is an extra on top of the main contract.  
7 Delivery times: - I will always aim to meet my given delivery dates, but cannot be held responsible for non-delivery of associated goods, by other suppliers. I reserve the right to alter my delivery dates without prior notice.
8 Workmanship & Guarantee: - Once installation has been completed, any issues arising that are down to the fitting or unit construction will be rectified by MWFM free of charge. The units are guaranteed for one year from the date of delivery. The kitchen units will not be guaranteed until full payment has been received by MWFM.
9 Other goods supplied: - MWFM does not hold himself responsible for any ancillary items supplied, i.e. sinks, taps, electrical appliances, worktops etc. All these items are subject to manufacturers guarantees and warranties. In practice the manufacturers of such appliances will deal with any problems arising with the supply of their goods. None of these items can be returned once they have been delivered to site.
10 Changes in specification: - I do not hold myself responsible for any changes made in specification etc. to any appliances or associated goods supplied.
11 Removal & Disposal for Kitchens: - This includes taking out the old kitchen units and worktops and removing from site as required if you have opted for rubbish removal on the contract. I cannot take appliances, sinks or taps from site. All electrical equipment must be disconnected prior to me removing any of the old kitchen. Bedrooms and other furniture rubbish can be added for rubbish removal if required and becomes part of the contract as an additional cost.
12 After installation: - Once the kitchen, bedroom or furniture has been installed, risk of loss or damage to the product passes onto the customer and the one year guarantee starts. After this period any problems with the works/materials our supplier may replace panels free of charge, but an installation charge will apply.
13 Liability: - MWFM shall be under no liability for any defects arising from fair wear and tear, wilful damage or negligence and abnormal conditions. MWFM cannot be responsible for any movement of wood and the consequence thereof. In practice MWFM will attempt to deal with any such occurrences.
14 Wood is a natural product: - If real wood is used in your project I will always try to be faithful to my reproduction of colours, but cannot guarantee an exact match in every case, ie Oak varies from light yellow to dark red. It must also be noted that wood finishes will darken of it's own accord over a period of time, especially if its in contact with direct light.
15 Painted Kitchens: - All my painted products have knotting to reduce the knots ‘grinning’ through the paint. I cannot guarantee that some knots will, in time, show through and therefore MWFM is not liable for any remedial painting work that may arise after the one year guarantee.
16 Granite, Acrylic or Hardwood worktops: - These worktops are sold subject to the supplier’s terms and conditions, copies of which are available from MWFM by request. The final price for these worktops cannot be secured until the actual templating has been done. The price for these products could therefore go up or down.
17 Sub Contractors: - MWFM does not carry out any gas plumbing, electrical or major building works. I do not hold myself responsible for the actions of any other trades employed on my projects.
18 Cancelled Orders: - These are charged at 15% of the order, or the costs incurred by MWFM at the time of cancelling, whichever is the greater. If items are purchased from the web site or otherwise a full refund can be given if it is not longer than 31 days. If a refund has been granted then the customer must pay the return postage before a refund is made. If it is longer than 31 days then a restocking charge of 20% will be deducted from the total customers order. Specific made to measure items for an order CAN NOT be refunded once ordered. If I haven’t started making or ordered materials then a refund can be made under terms 18.  
19 Consequential loss: - MWFM cannot be held responsible for any consequential loss or damage incurred from the supply or after the materials are delivered to site and wile the installation is going on of one of my kitchens / Bedrooms or any other furniture.
20 Cancelling an order : - A customer can cancel an order up to 14 days after signing the contract and a full refund given (your Statutory Rights are not effected). MWFM will except cancellations after this date, but any materials purchased will be deducted from the first payment and delivered to the customer and a delivery charge will be made. If a stock colour is purchased then MWFM MAY purchase these materials from the customer.
21 MWFM can cancel any order at any time without notice even if an order form has been signed and the first or more payments have been received. Under clause 21 a FULL refund of the contract total will be made by mwfm even if mwfm has purchased materials and incurred costs.

Larger print is available in PDF format please E-mail maurice@mwfm.co.uk.

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